Thursday, February 21, 2013


It's been ages, and I decided to sign off on my blog because really - who was reading it and everything I had to say I said on Facebook...  But recently I've come to realise again the reason I started this blog in the first place.  The kids were asking me questions about holidays and family and I went back to the blog and realised that everything had been recorded for them - their memories as well as the day to day life that I had forgotten, was there!  It was wonderful to revisit - so here I am again.  I dont' care if people read this or not, it is great for our family who are not with us, but it is even greater for our own family.  And one day I will print it off and give it to my wonderful children so that they have it as a record to. 

There is a bit of catching up to do, since I stopped this blog both boys are in School and Rachel is starting in September.  They have grown up so much, we don't have a stroller anymore, we don't have nappies, we don't have sleepless nights (most of the time) There was a stage there where I never thought I would be able to say that !  Rachel was an amazing sleeper as a baby - and at six months that all changed.  She is 4 in two weeks and is back to being quite a good sleeper.   All three though are incredible at bed time - they never fight us or mess about and I think realise for themselves how important it is to the next day.

Here we are! We're back! :)

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Hi All, I have been hideous at updating this whole year, and have spent a long time thinking why and my answer is FACEBOOK - it's easier now, quicker and faster to upload photos. I have always used this space to keep in touch with family and friends and let them know how we are doing, but now FB does that for me. I am deciding at the moment whether or not to continue blogging or whether I'm going to find a new purpose for the blog.... Hopefully before christmas I'll have come to a decision :) But if you aren't a friend on facebook yet, find me (Kerrith Fisher), friend me, then follow the family :).....

for old time sake, here are a few of the best from the last few months:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kissing the Stone

Ben FINALLY got to kiss the Blarney Stone, something I had been promising him since June... And he was so brave, and I was so proud!

Longing for Country Living

It's official, I should be living on a farm - we were so lucky last week to be invited to mind a friends farm while they were away on holiday... we got to look after the chickens, the elusive tortoise (who we only found on the last day), Cindy the pony, Tess the sheepdog, Tammy and Rev the 9 week old springer puppy... It was glorious. The farm is in West Cork which must be one of the more scenic and beautiful parts of Ireland (although I'm biased because I think every part if this country has something to offer)... The children had a ball and relished the freedom... words fail me and so I will just have to show you how fabulous it was...

Out with my friend at the Pirate and Princess party, I'm here, but I won't enjoy myself... !

Walking the dogs, or walking the children??
The wonderful House
Daniel riding Cindy
Our family after a long day out

Monday, July 04, 2011

A Big News Day

Loving life - as usual
Our very successful camping trip - the kids loved itDaniels 4th Birthday Cake..

Again - it's been an age.... but it's just been so busy to! Today is a big day for me.. FINALLY, got the letter saying that my citizenship has come through - now I need to give them money and they'll invite me to a swearing in ceremony (it's a lot of money!)... So hopefully this is the end of the road for me. It's been a bumpy one to say the least and I'll look forward to being able to travel without having to get visa's every time....

Ben got his school report today - and I'm not just being a proud mom, but it was really excellent. A good way to start his schooling and I hope that the rest will be as glowing. We are going to make sure that he understands how pleased we are with him :)...

Have more photo's but they are not loading up, so will have to try again another time..

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hello out there... Okay, you could be forgiven for thinking that I have dropped off the planet, and in some ways I have felt like I've been off the grid. But I feel like I'm back again... so if anyone is still looking in - sorry for the long break. And if no one is out there (which at this stage I could understand) then I'll just ramble along to myself quietly ...

I'm not going to give a run down of the last four months - it would be tedious, but needless to say detox went okay, almost lasted the 28 days... We survived Rachel's 2nd Birthday (my baby is two!!!!!) and we managed to fit in a 10 day break to Maui (heaven) and now it's roll on Easter Break and my MIL's impending visit... In between that it's been the routine of school and weekend home decoration (which is impossible with three sets of little hands trying to help with paint and drills and everything else DIY related).

And here is what you really visit for - the kids :) :

Rachels Cakes
Ben on the Beach (yes I know, hat and gloves, but it IS Ireland!!)

The Aunty and Uncle!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Resolutions and New Starts

At the Zoo on Monday, funny watching birds land on ice

January always brings new beginnings... and this year is no different. A photo was taken of me over christmas that horrified me. First I thought, bad angle bad pose, but really I had to face facts - I need to lose weight. So here I find myself, with the millions of other people who make the same resolution each year. But something feels different this year. Maybe the fact that I haven't been on a diet in almost, dare I say 6 years (since before I was pregnant with Ben) and in fairness I have been pregnant two more times since... Or that it just feels right this time... But I am happy to say that things are progressing well so far (I'm sure you're all delighted to hear!)... I am hoping to post a picture in the not to distant future on my blog... One that I can be proud of, but in the meantime here are the pic's of people I am really proud of!!!!....

just a ps... new blog design pending - I loved my old one but I'm getting restless and need something new. secretly hoping for photoshop for my birthday...

Ben and Dan playin in the ZOO
Eskimo girl Stomping it out
People I love the most!

Friday, December 03, 2010

This... and it's only 3rd December!

Outside our house last night... Finally got the light right!!
Off on a snow adventure...
This was just to cute not to include
My absolute favourite photo this month... and this was taken before most of the snow fell!!

Well, it's all about snow... I have never seen as much snow in Ireland in all our 10 years here combined! We're having a blast, but only really since Robin got back from Sweden with proper gloves!...